Every business owner reaches that point where they may feel trapped in their business.  They have built a great business but there is no one to carry on the Legacy or the Brand. 

We are here to work with you!  

Whether you sell products or services, SouthSpec, Inc can help you move your business into our "Trusted Hands" by investing in or acquiring, operating, and growing the great business you built over the years.  

Contact us to confidentially discuss how we can solve your need for freedom without giving up your dreams for your business and your employees.

Welcome to SouthSpec Inc.

Whether you offer products or services, SouthSpec, Inc can help you navigate through your challenges & obstacles that keep you from enjoying the business you built .

We can help you get back your time so that you may enjoy life again!


& Consulting

We Can Invest In Your Business


We work with you and your management staff through coaching and consulting activities to help everyone focus on the most important aspects of the business...


We have helped many business owners, executives and managers get back their focus.

We work with growth, turnaround and start-up businesses to move forward with confidence through accountability.